Memory Lane

The Garden of Silence

Former Location: 1201 Fort Street

Our History

The Victoria Truth Centre was first formed in 1934 when Victoria’s New Thought and Unity churches amalgamated under the name Victoria Truth Centre.

Mr. Weston was the first ordained minister, Mrs. Emma Smiley was ordained in 1938. The church has had many wonderful ministers, leaders, and speakers over the years.

The church was at 1201 Fort Street for 69 years from 1948 – 2017 then moved to the present location: 2815 Cedar Hill Road, in spring of 2017.

We as a congregation have learned that the positive thinking lessons are what are most important, not our location, and although the outward appearance of the Victoria Truth Centre has changed over the years, the atmosphere of peace and spiritual refreshment continues its magic.

Enjoy these pictures, if you have any others to share, contact us.

Thank you.

Memory Lane Photo Gallery

The Rose

When there is a storm and the wind and the rain seem to batter things about, if we were to look in the heart of a rose we would see there a calm, poised place. Deep within all its folded petals we would see that nothing had happened to it.

The rose itself might have been tossed about in the storm. Some of the outer petals might be torn away but deep in the heart of the rose we would see that all was calm. When deep in our Soul there is this calmness that is deep in the heart of the rose, no storm in life will have. The things “out there” may seem to be tossed about, confused, uncertain, but always we will remain peaceful, quiet and unafraid.

If we try to live our lives in our outer world we will be tossed about in the storms. When we turn to our Inner World we see that it is Limitless. We will see it according to the light of our devoted attention.

– Dr Emma Smiley, Founder

Emma Smiley and Rose with borders

To change our experience, we must change our attitude.
No matter how impossible a desire may seem to be,
if we accept our answer within, it will manifest.