Ministers and Music

Rev. Carrelyn Sheldan

Rev. Carrelyn Sheldan

Carrelyn is the minister for Victoria Truth Centre. She was born into New Thought and christened as a baby by Dr. Emma Smiley, who was her Spiritual teacher to become a New Thought Minister.

She was an elementary School teacher for 36 years, has two wonderful children and a beautiful granddaughter. Her interests are reading, mostly metaphysical books. She enjoys long walks along the waterfront.

She believes that the power of God is available to everyone who accepts his/her oneness with God. She believes there is a solution to every seeming problem and an answer to every prayer here and now.

She gives services once a month but is also available to perform weddings, celebrations of life, counselling, and offer words of help for those needing uplifting prayers.

Rev. Dr. Gail Muzio

Rev. Dr. Gail Muzio retired as the minister of Victoria Centre for Self Awareness in 2010 and has retired from speaking at the Victoria Truth Centre, but now has a podcast where you can hear some of her uplifting messages.

Gail’s degree is in Metaphysical Philosophy which has given her the ability to blend spirituality, psychology, philosophy and metaphysics into a rich and practical learning experience that gives messages that are easy to relate to. Gail is a dynamic, motivating, workshop leader, moving people in their heart and feet (into action). Gail continuously reminds people of their magnificent intrinsic potential. Gail is the Past President of the New Thought Alliance of Canada & is an ambassador at large.

Rev. Jennifer Tennant – is now at the Centre for Spiritual Living sees all people as one divine Consciousness of Love, Peace, Harmony unfolding with Ease and Grace; to see the Divine Light within every individual and unite the world in the awareness of divine Love.

Elaine Paterson – Pianist

My spiritual path and piano are inextricably linked. I grew up taking piano lessons, singing in the choir and serving as an altar girl in our little Anglican Church. As a young adult, I began listening to David Lanz, George Winston and Michael Jones solo piano. The music was New Age… not mainstream. Ethereal and gently compelling. The music inspired me to buy my own piano, and in part led me toward a 10 year spiritual path with The Emissaries of Divine Light (EDL). Their message was different than traditional church…New Age… not mainstream. When the EDL centre closed in Victoria, I attended the Truth Centre where Lois McLean led my marriage ceremony and a few years later christened my baby son.

Fast forward a few busy decades, and completion of a fulfilling career as both an Educator and a Leadership/Life Coach, I had the time to begin improvising and composing songs of my own. My love affair with New Age music, now emerging from my own heart and hands, is integral to my daily spiritual practice. Piano is my meditation, my prayer, my joy.

2022 brought me back to Victoria Truth Centre. It is my honour to contribute to the atmosphere of sanctuary for Sunday morning service a few times each month. I play pieces from favourite artists, songs requested by our speakers, as well as a few of my own compositions. When not at the piano, I enjoy connecting with friends, family, nature, gardening, meditative drawing, outdoor music festivals and travel.

Joan Songhurst – Pianist

Joan has been performing and entertaining for the Victoria community for over 20 years. She has delighted audiences at numerous seniors homes and played for community events. From a musical family, singing and playing the piano has been an important part of her whole life. Joan has been a member of the Unity Church for 12 years and we are very happy to have her as a regular pianist at the Victoria Truth Centre. Joan enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren and kicking up her cowboy boots line dancing.

Dr Emma Smiley, Founder